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Default The Home Hookah Lounge

OK guys and gals,
I've mentioned my hookah room in other posts, so I figured I should write about it a bit...I mean it is my hookah Sanctuary!

I've converted my office into a rather nice hookah lounge, taking a 8 foot by 4 foot high 3 shelf bookcase and making that a "bar / mix area / Shisha shelf." With the back of the bookcase facing outward, it provided me with a "behind the bar" feel when preparing the hookah, stopping people from getting to involved. I keep my hookah pipe collection on a shelf above across the room. and for sessions we all vote on which one we are going to use.

The office window opens up over my covered deck, which serves as a great location for a single burner to light coals even in the rain, and I just so happen to have placed the "bar," right infront of the window. It makes it way to easy to manage and prep the hookah.

Now for the fun part, This is my office after all and I need it for graphic design work, and audio production when I'm in the mood, so I wanted it to have an aesthetic and color pallet of warm rich reds and offset the white desk and black everything else... This desk is on the wall to the right of the bar. Being in audio production I have some pretty nice monitors, which help to provide a great soundtrack to the session...Often prior to a party or social event a friend and I will program the sessions music... (I would love to supply you all with hookah session music too!)

anyway, here's the kicker... across from the bar I have a rather nice persian style rug, (hardwood floors + Coal = grounding from the hookah via the soon to be wife...) on top of the rug I have a stone table which I made out of patio walk way stones (home depot) and some landscaping brick for legs... it's large enough to hold a few hookah's if we wanted, but we usually only use one. But it provides a nice surface incase any coals fall, and just looks nice! It's only like 6 inches off the carpet, so we all sit on pillows and cusions I have around the hookah. It's a great setup, which I used to have in the den, but I figured, office + hookah lounge = great day at work!

I'll have pictures when I get my sd card reader replaced!

I encourage all of you who smoke inside to get one of the patio stone tablets (they are cheap and are what you would use when making a walkway in your backyard.) they make for a stable, unburnable fireproof smoking base!
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