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Default Re: Recieved my MYA Vortex...Something is wrong

Thanks for everybodys replies and help. I tried using it again last night but used my old bowl instead of the 1 that came with it. Same amount of smoke but it lasted 2x as long and never got anywere as harsh as fast as the Mya bowl got. There is so no glaze inside of the actual bowl it stops at the top rim of th bowl. Could that be why its getting harsh so fast? As for the hoses I think I was just not used to the wider hose. After about 4 sessions im actually liking the wider hose and more smooth faster draw. And as for the smoke clouds. Me and my friend feel the clouds are slightly bigger but we both also agree that it feels more natural when inhaling. I was just expecting a HUGE difference in the amount of smoke we should be able to inhale by reeading reviews of what people wrote about it.
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