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Default Re: acclimating hookah...

people talk about acclimating and include airing out shisha in to acclimating. there is a difference in what is going on.

acclimation is equalizing humidity levels which really only matters on unwashed shishas mostly tangiers. airing out is what is done on shishas that are washed and that the taste os off due to the chemicals int eh flavorings being in the wrong combinations. eric from tangiers had explained it very well but in short you have chemicals that make taste and smells and in different combinations it makes it be another smell or taste (hence the grape and ketchup thing), airing out can make the chemicals even out some times, other times it cannot.

i aired out some bad AF grape and it still was not very good, better but not good, i have a 250g of af cola that is bad and airing out has made it not smell like a bucket of chemicals but its far from smokable still

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