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Default Re: Question about after taste...

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Alcohol brings on the oxidation process, so it will rust or oxidize even quicker.

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer, Lemon Juice is a natural cleansing agent, neither contain alcohol, so they are best.
false, alcohol does not make it oxidize any faster it degreases, which depending on the area can lead to faster oxidation but honestly brass isnt to bad of a metal with oxidation. also beer has so much other junk in it that i dont think its a very good degreaser.

also brushing in general will degrease because it is friction and will remove the layer of junk and oxidation any way.

honestly a good lather of dish soap or soaking in water and dish soap will help a good amount then the lemon juice and baking soda will help kick out any residual junk.

if it really came down to it that you could not get the flavor out a strong house hold acid left in the stem for a little bit should lightly etch it clean, i would have to look up a little bit what you would have to use to do so but it shouldnt be to complicated

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