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Default Bowls Revisited

Okay, I have now been into the Hookah Culture for about 2 months. Next too my Harley, it is the only set up that I keep adding things to to make it more improved.

Anyway, I now have three bowls. Two Egyptian style that are the same depth, but one has a wider mouth on it and then I have the Tangier's Medium Phunnel that I use with the Scalli Mod.

With the Phunnel, I get a much more flavorful smoke, yet you do no really get to use as much Shisha with it as you do with the Egyptian Bowls. Not a big issue unless I have one or two others partcipating in the smoke on the Mya Gyro.

With the Egyptian bowls, it seems that about 30-40 minutes in, I start tasting a slightly burnt flavor. When I take off the foil, I see Shisha stuck to the underside of the foil, which I assume can impede the draw. Am I using too much Shisha?

I guess the real question here is how do I get a session where the flavor stays intact up to the "hour" or so I have seen others state they get out of a session? Maybe I am delusional as I am sure the session time is greatly reduced when you have additional smokers hitting the same bowl. That's what I deduse at least.

Are some bowls meant for certain Shisha?

Give me your input as to what bowls are more conducive to certain Shsisha etc...?

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