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Default Re: Sahara Smoke Feild Rep?

Yea, I'm a Field Rep for SSC at Georgia Southern University (kinda ironic and a bit harder since SSC is located in my city, but oh well) basically you advertise for them and have people place orders with you. SSC charges you a certain price, and then you charge what you want, though they give you a suggested price, and send them the money when you place your order. You give them the money and the person's address, and they ship it out to the customer. There are no minimums to remain a rep (though if you dont' sell enough you don't get the full employee price, but you still get your personaly supplies at the reseller price. Also, if you want to expand to people you don't personally know, You are given a discount code that you can post for people to use and order on their own. While you won't get quite as much money as you could selling to the people directly, you don't have to do anything, and a check will be mailed to you. (I've been selling directly, so I don't know the details on this.) If you have any more questions, PM me, I'll be happy to help.

Overall it's a pretty good gig.
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