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Default Re: I hate smoking at other peoples places...

Originally Posted by kidvshero View Post
I am in the opposite boat rowing the other way... My house has become the resident hookah lounge... I converted my office into a mini-lounge already, I'll post about it soon...and so people just seem to swarm... Then they proceed to tell me how to pack the bowl, how to foil it, how much water or mix in the vase, how many coals, etc...

It became so bad that I have created a list of RULES:

1) Hookah etiquette is inforced (which hand to pass with, don't point the hose..etc..)
2) Must bring a 50gm flavor pack to smoke with...(I was quickly running out of shisha...every week, now I am over supplied)
3) Only I may adjust / ash / rotate coals / setup hookah with NO
4) For godsake realize my hose's aren't 10 feet burn it you buy it (carpet)

now things are great and smooth...everyone loves the smoke and the environment is much more calm...

Haha that's great! I hate it when people are excessively rotating the coals or move them from the outside to the inside. Or when they say, it's too harsh and try and blow out the smoke and have them say the same thing again 10 seconds later. Just leave it alone and enjoy it, if something is wrong and you don't know what you're doing don't do it just ask!
Oh and you might need to reprint a new set of rules, you spelled "enforced" wrong =P
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