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Default Re: Does anyone know if al fakher is changing for 2009?

I have said enough already about this topic. I really liked AF when I first tried it but it has changed. The cut getting smaller is one problem. I saw where MrB mentioned HH's cut. Yes HH is a small cut but it doesn't have the mushy glycerin slop AF does. AF's new cut will clog the holes in your bowl in a hurry if you aren't careful. The only other shisha tobacco I've found that does that is Potion. Potion is another swimming in glycerin fine cut mess. AF's flavors have changed too. To the people that say you've never had a bad batch then you should play the lottery. I refuse to recommend to anyone an inferior product. I will never ever spend another cent on AF. When I spend my money I don't want to hope and pray for a good batch, I want what I paid for.
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