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Default Re: 2009 Hookah Resolutions

Mine are very common sense.

Never waste my money on over priced or over hyped brands (Starbuzz, Potion, Tangiers, Romman, Fumari) regardless how many people cheerlead for them.

Never buy Al Fakher. It is an inferior product.

Don't buy another bowl this year regardless of how cool, fancy, or supposedly great session producing people claim it to be. I have about 6 bowls now and only 2 have been used in the past 10 months.

To finally get a KM, if I can convince myself it will be so much better than my MZ Perpetual River. If I do get one the base will have to be nice looking. My MZ base functions well but will never win a beauty contest.

To not use any coconut charcoal. I don't like them, plain and simple.

To continue to be good to those that deserve it and fart upon those who do not.

The End
Tangiers =
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