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Default CONTEST: Kickin' Off 2009 With FREE Hookah Tobacco!

Yeah that is right .. FREE TOBACCO!

Details Here:

Let's see your Hookah Pro Video Reviews!

Cheers! .. Sambooka

Questions and Answers:
(I will update this post with any questions related to this contest)

Q.) How long will this contest last?
A.) 4 Months - Jan'2009 - Apr'2009

Q.) Where can I download the video intro/outro for the video reviews?
A.) You can download video Intros/Outros from here:

Q.) Can I really get free tobacco?
A.) Yes, with each successful review you post, you can resubmit a request for free tobacco from "Sahara Smoke Company" .. send them a PM. They will only send you out additional tobacco if you are actively participating in the contest and performing video reviews!

Q.) Will this be available to International Members of Hookah Pro??
A.) Great Question! Yes, International Members will be allowed to participate. SSC/HH will ship to you By USPS economy which takes a little over a week to arrive. Also, they will NOT be responsible for any custom fees, duties or taxes applied to the package. They have decided that they will inlclude 3-5 flavors instead of just 1. Because shipping charges will get expensive if they ship just one to you everytime. So for all International Members they will ship 3-5 flavors the first time and the second time there will be 7-10 flavors!

Q.) So if we arent reviewing any of the samples sent from SSC/HH .... or in other words if we are doing a non SSC/HH review we dont have to include the mention of them then? Even tho they are sponsoring the contest in general?
A.) Exactly ...!!! You can review anything for this contest! So start getting some Hookah Pro Videos out there!!
SSC and HH have graciously offered to send samples to Members for video review, for free! They decided to do that in an attempt to help us kick this new Hookah Pro Community video making spirit into high gear! So when you review something they sent you for free, it is only fair that you reciprocate the generousity by mentioning them and in your videos. Great Question!

Q.) So if I send a PM asking for a flavor to review then they will send it to me for free!? Then I post the review and have an entry to the contest?
A.) Yes, it is pretty much that simple! and if you want to do MORE reviews after the first one, just ask the great guys at Sahara Smoke Company and Hookah Hookah and they will send you MORE flavors once they know "for certain" that you will definitely follow through with the video reviews!
Essentially you are voluntarily saying that you WILL DO A VIDEO REVIEW if they send you a free sample. So please make sure that you follow through with your end of the deal! Don't ask for free product and NOT follow through with a video review. We will be keeping track of who makes requests and expect to see a VIDEO REVIEW!

Q.) Can I review these free samples for "OTHER" hookah communities?
A.) What a stupid question!?!?! But it deserves an answer .. IF you get product to perform a Hookah Pro Video Review from SSC/HH and are caught posting it up on other forums, you will not be receiving any more free samples for this contest or any other give-aways! This is a Hookah Pro Exclusive Contest that has been designed and developed to help build "OUR COMMUNITY!" .. that is Hookah Pro!

Q.) If I do a Sahara Smoke Company / Hookah Hookah Vendor Review, does that count?
A.) Absolutely! It is a vendor review, take advantage of that. They are sending you a box of samples, so open it up on camera and do a review of their packaging and customer service.
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