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Default Re: actually had a good lounge experience

We have a restaurant that has traditional hookahs and we like them most. Mainly because they will talk with us and let us control the heat and coals and what not. The absolute worst experience was a Cigar bar that had hookahs and it was terrible. Great atmosphere terrible experience. Best Arabic food Tarboosh no doubt. Lizzy's is the best all round food but Tarboosh has a fairly nice Arabic menu. Aladdin's is nice but basically just has bar food. Decent nachos but not the best quality just good flavor. Tarboosh and Aladdin's have bulk coals one uses mesquite the other uses Hickory I think. Both woods actually give a slight flavor to the smoke but generally it is a pleasant addition. However, the heat management as with most bulk coals sucks and they won't give you tongs or anything like that. They also both use these cheap Open chamber hookahs that purge horribly. Blow all you want and you can't clear the bad smoke out. Lizzy's is the best all around but my wife loves the others for their coals not for the heat management but for the flavor when it actually is right.

We haven't been to a hookah lounge since I got mine but I imagine at some point we will point the truck towards Nashville and hit Tarboosh for a nice lamb sandwich and some hookah with a great view of downtown.
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