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Default Re: km not so good

LOL this kills me. KM's can do no wrong don't blame the hookah. However, if he had come on here and said I got this cheap Chinese imitation made to look like a MYA and it gets harsh you would all be like oh man get a KM and you won't have that trouble. The most likely culprit here is as Dunkel said that the KM has a greater air flow which would cause the coals to burn a bit hotter. You will need to make adjustments a different bowl, or different coal or hole configuration than what you are used to maybe. Not all Hookahs are made alike. It only stands to reason that differences in make and air flow etc will bring about a need to think on your feet and adapt. I would say before you go out and buy other parts try using fewer holes maybe experiment with the square patterns John used in his older videos. I believe it was 6 holes in a square pattern slightly larger than the coals. That might help. The solution might also be to put in more holes so as to allow enough air flow to let some of the heat escape. That is a matter of experimentation.

You have already bought into the KMliness is next to Godliness so don't give up the dream.
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