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Talking Re: Mother tried Hookah!

I bought a 3 hose no name hookah from a local smoke shop for my step daughters 21st bday. She had tried one at a friends house and really liked it. I had no clue as to how to set it up or anything and found Sambooka on youtube. His vids are great and DMC is cool too. It was there that i found this forum and am really glad I did. The info i have learned in the last few days has really helped alot.
At the party everything went perfect, lots of smoke, great flavor (starbuzz strawberry daquiri) and my mother tried it and really liked it. Made my night! My moms cousin tried it also and cant wait to come back this weekend for more!
I ordered a KM classic from John and am anxious for it to get here!
You guys are great and thanks so much for all the info!!
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