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Originally Posted by Gift3d View Post
I am a very firm believer that no matter which hookah you are using you can always get a good smoke out of it, all hookahs work the same, it just matters how you pack the bowl and how you manage your heat. With all the different shapes and styles of hookah bowls there are i'm sure there's many different ways to get the best tasting smoke with each of them, coals are also a big factor obviously. It's surely not the hookah!
^^ what he said. How to pack a bowl and always get thick rich smoke:

If your shisha is in a jar, shake it up to redistribute the molasses/flavor over the tobacco.

then using your fingers pick up each individual piece and drop it in the bowl, removing the stems. it would be like 'sprinkling' the tobacco on the bowl

fill it just underneath the rim so that there is just a tiny space between the foil and the shisha tobacco

poke holes randomly. my holes are about 1/4 - 1/8 inch apart. and i use a needle.

once the foil is securely on the bowl, hold it in place and blow through the head/bowl on the bottom opening (the one that goes on the grommet). you can also shake the shisha around in the bowl with the foil on just lightly before you blow through the bottom. this just helps ensure nothing is blocking the holes in the bowl and there is adequate airflow through the shisha and bowl.

my biggest mistake starting out was that i did not consistently pack the bowl the same way, usually just throwing little clumps of shisha in the bowl with fingers or tongs. This resulted in the shisha burning because there wasn't any airflow between the shisha pieces. But after breaking them apart before dropping it in the bowl, the smoke is now much more pleasurable and the shisha cooks much more thoroughly. hope this helps.
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