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Default put your hookah pipe in a seat belt...

so my bestfriend got a new hookah for Hanukkah from his wife. She bought it off ebay, it's very pretty in person, pics dont do it any justice.

So he brought it over to my house when we had a little get together, didn't end up smoking it though, we were all too busy playing Rock Band World Tour. Anyways, I went to bring it back to him, so I had it snugly laid down in the back of my truck and I arrive at his house, jump out, and open the back door, semi carefully, when out flies the vase to his pipe, shattering into a million pieces I wanted to cry..... I felt so stupid. He and his wife were busting up though, so I guess it wasn't too bad.

So remember, just when you think it's safe to move your pipe, pack it in some bubble wrap or something. Never know what will happen.
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