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Default Re: km not so good

I smoked form a crappy chineese hookah for a long time and a bambino and now ive moved on to my KM you cant blame the hookah at all its all about heat and how you manage it i get more smoke from my km but still had very good tasting flavor full smoke from all of them. Please dont give up experiment try your older bowls your used to. I broke my Phunnel last night and bought a new one and its on the way so i tried to use the standard bowl last night and gave up cause i guess i have just forgotten how to manage my heat on it. So today i went to a local shop and paied way to much for a vortex bowl till mine shows up later this week and guess what it smokes harsh. I cant blame the bowl or the hookah. Its all cause its new to me and not used to the heat management on the new style bowls. Keep playing with it youll get it im not going to quit with this vortex till i get it right. My lungs may hate me by the time im done but its all part of smoking hookah. Rember the first signs of burning shisha is a warm humid smoke. Be paitent and just keep experimenting.
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