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Default Re: km not so good

Totally agree. it just kind of drives me nuts that people here seem to always go to that whole oh it isn't cause it is a new or different hookah, KM's are made in a special fairy workshop in Egypt and each is sprinkled with fairy dust so just set it up and you can't go wrong. I am sure they are great but they can get harsh just as easily as any other hookah. Same deal if something is going wrong adjust. It may not be each rig is set up and smoked differently but each has its own individuality so you have to treat it as such and figure out how to get it right on that rig. KM's aren't magically infallible they are just well made hookahs.

As for the Chinese rigs I don't think it is because they don't use them or respect them. I believe they have been becoming popular there as well. I think it is because of the nature of mass production. All of them are made on machines exactly the same way but sometimes the materials aren't exactly the same. Makes for slight variations and sometimes just real crap. They are generally made to be cheap with cheap material on machines instead of by hand so stuff happens so they say.
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