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Default Phunnel Bowl Help

Ok so i just recentely got a 2 new KM's and some accessories :
EXOTICA white 40" and an AMOURA red 36".

I started smoking from the exotica for now, just cuz its so damn sexy...

Anyways to get to my point. Everytime i set up my phunnel, I pack it nicely, leave a bit of room 1/8 of an inch under foil. Make 3 rings of holes. None in the middle. I dont have HD foil but i compensate by doubling even tripling it sometimes. And no matter how tight i wrap it around the phunnel bowl it ALWAYS gets sucked down and restricts air flow making my pulls hard, if not impossible.

I usually start with 3 QL coals, and remove one when it starts up.
Ive smoked with my hookah with the regular egyptian bowl and i tell you its GREAT!

What am i doing wrong? Or what should i do ? cuz i really wanna smoke from my phunnel...
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