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Along with what Patel said.... getting the badge number and filing a claim and report against the officer.....

1. If they have to ask you to search...they have no probable cause to search and they can be denied access to sealed luggage, vehicles, tins or containers. Basically any area that they cannot see without being out in the open requires probable cause or a warrant to search.

You can and should deny searches. It's fishing. It's what shoddy police work does when it feels lazy.

Now...they can detain you and bring out a dog and they can sniff around your car or sniff your pack.... if the dog does not signal on your vehicle or belongings...the law is not supposed to detain you further, as they risk a lawsuit for either illegal search and seizure or some states have laws against unreasonable detainment... some states can hold you like 48 hrs without so much as a reason at brush up on your State laws.

You have rights....exercise them or lose them.
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