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Default Re: heat problems with HH and HF

Originally Posted by vcitriniti View Post
So i should just take the mod out? I was going to order a vortex in my last order but I was reading that because they are made by hand you may get a bowl that has holes are very close to the bottom of the bowl and not at the top.

Ill try it out again with the windcover and see if it helps. What about maybe two sheets of foil? I am going to play around with it see if I can get this right. Thanks again guys for the help.
The hole issue was detected right after release, and fixed. Even if you were to get an old stock one with low holes, which we did, Sahara eagerly sent out a replacement that was correct. And the Vortex works just as well keeping the foil off the shisha, thats why the center is level with the outer rim.
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