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Default Bad vortex bowl

Hay guys i got a vortex bowl this past week from a local shop and didnt even look at it before i broght it home it has the holes in the very bottem and i mean the very bottem is it usable this way? Ive used it several times and it smokes like crap to me. I get juice in my vase and not really had a good sesion yet cause the draw sucks due to juices and tobacco blocking holes no matter how lose i pack it and how much i blow up throught the bottem all it does is push the tobacco aginst the foil. I finally figured out why my sesions were harsh as hell cause i was over packing it i think and using to much coal. I know my local shop buys there stuff from sahara should i contact sahara and see if i could get a replacement or should i just live with it. My local shop says there suposed to be that way cause all the ones he ordered were like that and im full of crap and the bowl is good but he ordered them all when they first came out and i guess this was a problem with the first run of them. I dont know if its too late but i heard they used to swap them out if they had this problem and to be honest not haveing using one till now never paid attention to how to use them or what they to look like.

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