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Default Which KM to go for?

Hi, I am pretty new here. I don't wanna be a repeat, but I've been looking into getting one of **********'s KMs lately, but i can't decide which one to get. Does the length of the hookah make much of a difference?

What's the difference between the HAFA and the PRECISION; they are the same height, but different price... But the classic KMs are the same price as the HAFA but different heights. It's so confusing...

I don't really mind the price, I just wanna know the quality of each one.

I bought my first hookah about 18 mos. ago form a local shop, a 3-hose knock-off of something im really not quite sure, but i am sure that i really wanna upgrade. so any help would be great.

if you guys wanna know, i am interested in the KM PRECISION or the ones with copper on them...

thanks again
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