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Default Final statement.

So, the editing has begun. Um, on what grounds did you remove the VS thread? It didn't seem to violate any of the rules, merely was a thread you didn't like. Hmm sound slike the kind of high handed Moderatin g many of you were complaining about over at HF.
So, here's my final words on the issue.
Every action taken by the founding members of this forum have been meant to antagonize and spread dischord between the forums. KK's post that I actually never saw, that was so inflamitory Johnny_d was disgusted and KK felt the need to change. Too bad it was already a bit late for take backs. Too bad KK didn't have the guts to stand by the original statement. Then there was the VS thread, also started by KK. Now sambucha, no matter how you spin it, sugar coat it, or prentend, it was solely to slam the HF and show why this forum is going to be so much better. The rest of you jumped right on the bandwagon and your most active thread was nothing but a slamfest of the way HF was being run and personal attacks on me. Nice was to show you want to live in peace and harmony. And oh look, it also made you all look bad, so it got erased too. You folks seem to think by making a thread disappear it makes the problem go away. So far, besides Sambucha's constant statements that we should all get along, this forum and its founding members have done nothing but spread hate and distrust and personal attacks on BOTH forums. Nice start.

And I'll point out no one had any problem with the thread until I actually showed up, suprise suprise, and took offense at you all taking offense at HF's Moderation team. The many of you went from speaking your minds to covering your arses. And now the ultimate cover up, making an entire thread disappear. For no reason according to your rules and guidlines. Just because you wanted to.

You have started out EXACTLY like the old .net. First you post in the HF that there is a new, friendlier, better forum. Then you made anyone who came over int he first wave global mods. Then you posted a VS thread to show how bad HF was and how superior you all were. Mean old us. That forum is gone now.
I'd like to point out that the same heavy handed, unreasonable, post removing, thread locking Mods you are trashing were actually voted in by the rest of the membership, not appointed because we happen to come along first. And you all have NO idea how hard we went up against adrock and John when John started throwing his weight around. We all threatened to quit and leave it to John alone if he didn't back off. We faught quite hard to try and get the forum atleast back to semi normal, get peoples accounts restored and some of the mod's reinstated. and to reduce the level of the admin's involvement in the day to day affairs of the forum.
You are all welcome.

Now we come to this. You all kicked up a heap of trouble on your way out, and started right in when you got settled here. So, since i didn't get a chance to copy the code for the thread I'll just have to go by memory. Those of you I remember trashing the HF and the way it is being run, no longer will have to worry about being unfairly treated there. I'll CALL adrock and explain my actions if necessary. Too bad you all don't have the Nads to stick by your statements and leave the VS post up. Not like it mattered after being up for several days, damage done, names noted.

So, you going to keep erasing threads you don't like or make you look bad? Careful, you'll start sounding like the place you were speaking so badly about...

Wonder if this post will survive. I dare you to be the less high handed, better forum and let someone speak their mind. You can be sure I actually mean what I say and won't be trying to take it back later.

Good luck, you are all obviously going to need it. And for some of you, I hope you like it here, cause you have no where else to go now.


PS feel free to delete my account, I won't be back to read the hate mail.