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Its not the coal thats wrong. I have been smoking for a couple years and have used all types of coals and QL's are my go to. Its your bowl. Pony up and get a decent sized bowl, also make sure your holes arent too big that you poke in the foil. break that QL in half and put on opposite sides of the bowl, if you have a windcover use it the first 10 minutes to contain heat into your bowl then remove it before tobacco is too harsh. you may need 3 halves of coal to get a bowl going as well. Also, dont fill the bowl to the rim, pack so theres an air gap between your foil and teh tobacco. After you have smoked the tobacco it will appear burnt when you dump it out, thats normal. Keep practicing and you will get it down, try different things. I personally put a windcover on my bowl after lighting the QL's and let it sit for 5 minutes before pulling on the hose, then 2-3 minutes later I remove the windcover until the smoke gets real thin and teh coals are almost dead, then I put the windcover back on to finish up the bowl and keep as much heat in there as possible.
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