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Default Re: Final statement.

first off WHAT THE FUCK.

MUSHY- FIRST OFF I KNOW YOU WONT BE BACK TO READ THIS.... i dont care... my original post that i EDITED was not due to me BASHING hookah forum. I edited it like 90 % of my posts due to spelling errors, but thanks for checking in on me mushy.... As for MY second post.... It was me saying the points that i disliked about PERZ's arguement.

1. about smiley, him not owning the site, and him being a mod
2 about the overall blatant disrespect of the other forum by adding hookah pro.
3. About how it shouldn't matter because we were all there before he was and why was he defending it so much when he is new.
4. that hopefully the other members over there get their accounts back, and if not will they get their premium membership status reinstated on a new account if not then that's not fair....

mushy... i have never ever backed down before in the HISTORY of me being on the boards ANYWHERE. The reason being is because i didn't care if somebody thought i was a bitch. But when i saw that i OFFENDED J_D not by my original post here but the thread that was made at HF........... get the facts straight (hopefully i do as i am not jd i am not sure...).......(btw NOBODY read my 2nd post... because i EDITED it because we have a function over here that lets us know when a new post is posted, read his reply saw i embarrased him and decided to edit mine before i submitted it, then i edited it again from saying sorry blah blah to say 2 words and then moved on)

I have the balls mushy figuratively speaking. I just felt like an asshole and like i fucked up the community. Maybe i have. For that i am sorry.

You came on this forum acting like someone who genuinely gave a rats.... we saw that, and per a discussion of the MODS we decided the thread should go to further the peace. Apparently thats not what you were after or what you were about mush. I am sorry to see that. I have supported you and hookahforums since i became a member. I have helped you out by trying to help with the boards as a concerned poster.

How dare you turn my kindness into something else that is dark w'/ evil intentions......

you sir have your ass up on your shoulders......

i will not ban or delete this thread. I will try my best as a mod to keep it instated.....

btw thanks for BANNING me.... that just proves that HF is unwilling to compromise ANYTHING with anyother forum.

Sam - please bring back out the original vs thread.

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