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Originally Posted by tzighy View Post
Ok, here's the whole glycerin thing again, maybe it's time to shed some light on the whole thing. It goes like this :
Glycerin, although looking like some fat substance is actually an alcohol with the chemical formula CH2OHCHOHCH2OH. For sake of simplicity we write C3H5(OH)3. when heated, it reacts with Oxygen this way :
2C3H5(OH)3 + 7 O2 -> 6CO2 + 8H2O. the co2 molecules just "fly" away, and the water molecules evaporate under the action of the coal heat and that's how you get bigger CLOUDS(good term for something that's basicaly a small cloud, right? ).
Why do we have to be careful with glycerin? Well this is why some tobaccos need sometimes to be left out for a few hours, because too much glycerin + heat without enough oxygen will give you the dreaded Propenal(or Acrolein), which is basically a toxic substance.
This is why when i first tried my al waha i almost fainted, and after leaving it to air i had no problem. What it all comes down to is add just A BIT of glycerin and you get bigger clouds. Add even the tiniest more and you can kiss the flavour goodbye and also get a great chance of huge migrains. I personally have a small bottle of glycerin just in case i get some tobacco dried up, but other than that there shouldn't be any need. Hopefully we won't see more threads about glycerin

Oh we will, but I'm gonna help copy and paste this into every single one of them!
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