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Default Re: How'd you get into hookah?

Well – it goes like this.

I bounce in a bar – pretty serious dive actually.
One night a friend of mine brings a guy he knows; just so happens this guy is Asian. (That fact doesn’t bother me – it will be explained later) They’re having a few drinks and everyone is having a good time. I shot the breeze with the guy for a little while, no real conversation though.

My friend and his friend take off for the night, headed home on foot. We get a call from the bar down the block that a few guys are jumping an Asian guy and the bar tender can’t get them off him. My crew boss sent me down to deal with it.

As it so happens this Asian guy is the same Asian guy and they are jumping him because he’s Asian.

After the situation was handled I walked the guy back to my bar and checked him out. (Not just a bouncer – I’m a Professor of Radiographic Technology as well hehe) I called an ambulance and off to the ER he went.

On his way out he gave me his card – he owns a tobacco. Low and behold!

I went there one day because I was in the area – he threw me a humidor and a bunch of Drew Estates Acids and some CAOs. By the way Acid Blue is awesome. We started talking about just general nonsense and somehow anxiety came into the convo.

I have a serious anxiety condition – and he said since I don’t “do” anything I should try Shisha. I told him I would think about it; this was all a few months ago and it’s been in the back of my head.

Sitting in my bar with a friend, having a few he looks at me and says “Bro, how did we end up in this kinda bar with these kinda women trying to talk to us?” Honestly, I was there because I know everyone and I drink for free; so really I had zero answer for him.

He gets up and says “Screw this, we’re going to a Hookah bar.”

We found one and checked it out. This place was rough. Biggest dump I have ever seen actually. But it didn’t look like there was any place else to go. We went in and smoked double apple until 5am with some random guy who was a friend of someone I knew from the bar that wanted in.

The next morning I went and picked up my first Hookah. The guy as usual gave me a monster deal – not that I was looking for one. I just wanted to buy from him. I believe in customer loyalty.

So here I am 3 days later. Sitting on the couch with one of my roommates smoking cheap Shisha I said “Do you think there are Hookah forums?” He said “Dude, there’s a forum for just about everything.”

From this point on, the rest you'll all know as it happens!
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