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Originally Posted by tzighy View Post
[FONT=Arial][FONT=Verdana]on the same page, but at the bottom, it says:[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial](1) The pure chemical product is called Glycerol (which shows that it is an alcohol), while the impure commercial product is called Glycerin. This is a technical complexity, so for this article, I'm sticking to the more familiar term, Glycerin. [/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]i chose pioneerthinking because i try to avoid wikipedia as being open source it tends to have a lot of misleading data, and also was too lazy do go down to the billionth google results page. i did however some research and the the vegetable stuff is obtained by treating some glycerol fats obtained from coconuts in a certain way, so yeah, it makes sense now, and you were right. Probably the vegetable thing is also a lot less risky for your body. I don't see why your reaction had to be somewhat aggressive, though... won't try asking any other things related to your posts from now on, sorry for doing so with this one as well... [/FONT]
Aggresive? How do you figure? I was merely trying to point out there are different types of glycerin and I thought maybe you had gotten hung up on the alcohol aspect and didnt read it clearly. Sorry for trying to help.
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