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Default Re: Problem with Coconara.

i found using a torch to light them does not work you need a coil burner. when i was under lighting them i was getting a taste.

if they are going out (i had this problem the first few times i tried them) it means you didnt get it lit all the way, the side that is down turns black but its not an issue, i honestly only flip coconut style coals 3 times in a session tops, lately ive just been moving them instead of flipping and have had good luck.

as to the cocos exploding, ya, but i think that is just the nature of small pieces of charcoal, these can be pretty bad when they get small but you learn real quick how to handle them when they are small (and light touch is all you need).

i like cocos, they have the lest smell to me when lighting up and leave the least coal smell in the room and last a very long time, they are just expensive.

side by side to CH naturals the cocos are better if you dont look at price but the CH coals are cheaper and light faster so i can deal with the extra light up smell and touch of residual smell and slightly faster burning.

if you are in the states go get a single coil burner, i promise you will be happier with it, than a blow torch. it heats it up slower than a torch does but the heat penetrates where as the torch lights the out side but the heat doesnt penetrate in

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