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Originally Posted by CarolinaJohn

I have to say I am so glad with our ability to have our own opinions. Quite a lengthy tirade to make the point that you just don't think it makes a difference. I just disagree with you....

Rock On Hookah Dude!
Don't worry CJ, I totally agree with you...the mod DOES make a difference, and not only that but it also prevents your coals from sagging down towards the center of the bowl constantly...I got so pissed the other day when I tried smoking out of the bowl without the mod because every 2 minutes I had to keep on spreading out the coals from the center ... with the mod in place, this would never happen...

But anyway back on topic: I have a news update!!! The other day I was bored, so I started thinking about the whole cleaning the mod thing, and low and behold, the perfect idea clicked in my head... I was looking around the kithcen and found EASY OFF! This thing worked magic ! And no shit, it's actually used for taking off baked on grease or food from the inside of ovens (light bulb!)...

So I soaked the mod in this EASY OFF foam for a whole hour and it literally took off most of the charred on black stuff that was impossible to scrape off! I'm pretty sure if I would've left it there for the whole 2 hours (according to instructions), it would've completely taken off all the residue... but since I took it out an hour early, I ended up having to scrape off the excess with a sharp blade...but if it's to much of a hassle, I'd say don't waste your time... becasue even after now that my mod is crystal clear again, I haven't noticed any difference in flavor or performance... So it was just something to do for fun I guess
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