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Default Re: Standard newbie questions

Originally Posted by lugash View Post
Howdy yall. I've finally gotten my first hookah and am really enjoying it. I've just got a few questions.

1. Are there any problems with only filling half the bowl with shisha? I'm usually the only one smoking, and a full bowl is generally quite a bit more than I need.

2. The standard 'holes' question. I know it's personal preference and all that, but what's a good 'starting point'?

3. Should I dump out the 'burned' shisha mid session? I've noticed that when I'm done, there's usually a bit of unsmoked shisha at the bottom of the bowl.

4. Finally, it seems like it takes until after a full coal has burned before I can really start smoking. Something tells me I'm doing something wrong. I'm using a Mya-mini and 33mm quicklight coals.

Thanks for all the help yall. I've already learned a ton from the forum and the videos.
you can underpack a bowl but unless you are using a huge bowl or only want to smoke 30 mins theres no point, having a little unburnt shisha on the bottom is normal. a correctly packed bowl should have some gap any way though, what type of bowl are you using?

holes holes holes, some people swear patterns others say no. a few people have tries crazy patterns (like half the bowl holes and the other half not) and noticed no real difference, the holes are there to let in air and let some of the extra heat escape, on my mod bowl i put 3 rings (16, 12, 8, then 1 in the middle all a little smaller than a toothpick) but that is just habit as apposed to any real magical perfect way, just easier to keep consistent smoke from bowl to bowl than random holes. you need at least enough holes to not restrict air flow, then from there you can add more if the shisha is heat sensitive and you are on the verge of harshness but less coals is to light, just make more or bigger holes and it lets it stay a touch cooler.

dont worry about dumping out burnt shisha mid session, if it truly burns the bowl will be ruined and needs to be repacked any way but the charred stuff isnt a worry

that can be normal, and if your using the bowl that comes with the myas that is probably part of the issue. some people really like the deep bowls, they do smoke longer but they are hard to keep from charing the top fully and keep any bad tastes off as it dies down since there is a thicker layer of spent shisha. try splitting the coal in half (before you light it) and put the pieces on opposite sides of the bowl (always keep your coals to the out side or else you will get harsh smoke and burn the bowl down fast). if that still doesnt help try adding a 3rd half to get it going and then once it is going good pull it off. this may make the coals be used up faster but it will smoke better. i do suggest though that you give natural coals a try if you have a means or can get a means of lighting them (coil burner, torch is not ideal).

i would think about getting another bowl, i prefer the mod bowls, others like the thicker egyptian bowls, and some like the deep myas, but the myas seem to be a little too deep

good choice on the mini mya, i have the acrylic version and like it as a travel hookah and even a quick set up around home, just make sure you scrub out the stem well cause it can pick up a bad smell that will ruin your flavors

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