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Default Re: New Brand of Shisha

tangiers is picky some what so it might not be the best thing to jump into... but all the stuff about packing, i havent had much difference if i pack it the "correct" way like erik from tangiers does vs loosely packing it, slight difference but nothing much, and nothing bad.

AF is an ok brand but it has had a few bad batches in the last year or 2, al waha is pretty good, havana is lower quality, not bad shisha but its not really my bag, starbuzz is good (some dont like it) it has some more exotic flavors and it is a little more expensive than other shisha but it always is good shisha to me (i may not like the flavor but when i smoke it i dont think its horrid). nakhla is good, a little stronger than other stuff except tangiers since both of those are unwashed.

what ever you get make sure you mix it up well before each smoke to get the best taste and look around a little what people say about heat management on that shisha so you are not playing a total guessing game
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