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Default To anyone doing reviews

Ive noticed a few things and I would like to point them out, not to be rude but to help with your reviews.
Many of the videos have REAL loud music especially on the intro and then it gets quiet when you go to talk. This definately makes it less enjoyable to watch for many people.
I know most of our cam's dont record at a very high level so what I did to even things out (and i think jilly is doing cuz her music goes up and down as well) is use windows movie maker and when you select a clip go up to "clip" and scroll over "audio" and then "volume" or just hit CTRL+U from there you can adjust the audio levels to match across the entire video.

If you are using another program they typically have a way to adjust the volume of each clip individually so try a few things and see what works. Im just trying to help so everytime someone clicks a review they dont get blasted with music and cant hear a thing following it and just forget the watching it.

edit- also for this to work properly you need to view your clips as a timeline.. Just above your first clip there is a dropdown that says "storyboard" as default. click on it and set to "timeline" this will allow you to break things down much further for easier editing

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