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Default Re: BEST Shisha Taste/Clouds

I settled at Nakhla after trying everything else...
What i have smoked:
Starbuzz : candy-like flavours, good clouds with no smoke texture
Al-Fakher: More realistic than starbuzz but still sweet. Pretty good clouds and a nice filling smoke
Al-Amir: Only a few flavours are good but their grape is pretty awesome.Really good amound of smoke but the texture is not a good IMO.
Al-ajamy : the best strawberry out there. Its a bit sweet for what i usually like but its pretty tasty (like strawberry Jam). Their bubblegum is a favourite in my house. Smoke quality is just OK but the clouds are huge.
Tangiers : I couldnt get as much flavour as the other say but it was good. It packs a bit more nicotine (i dont get buzzed anyway but i can feel it). Smoke texture is pretty good, feels like you are full of smoke. Needs quite a bit of skills to get the heat right.
Nakhla : Natural flavours, good amount of smoke, awesome smoke texture(IMO). The most relaxing brand out there. 7 bucks a tin. Unbeatable.
Havana : mediocre at everything
Fusion : Most candyish and sweet flavours. INSANE AMOUNTS OF SMOKE because it is soaked in glycerin. Worst smoke texture ever due to the glycerin again
Alwaha : Some good flavours but also some nasty ones. Nice smoke texture, not a lot of smoke. Good bang for the buck

i probably have tried more but cant remember what or how it was.

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