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Default Re: whats the best way to light natural coals?

i have one of those torches and we use them in the glass shop to do some smaller "low temp" heating on pieces.

they work to light coals but like i said (i think it was this thread to lazy to look back) is that the torch for me couldnt penetrate as well. the 10 buck coil burner form walgreens works better and takes less effort, plus its a little safer since you dint have to hold the coals or get a fire proof container you wont mess up, and you dont have to keep buying gas, not that big of a cost but in the long run its another cost. they are great if you dont have access to electricity no doubt but i dont like them over all

as to exoticas, some love them some hate them like almost all coals. the newer ones are supposed to be better and there is now better QC supposedly on them (some people got bits of metal and fibers in them before). i did find that they left a burnt charcoal smell around more than other natruals. get a box of them and try another brand or 2 (coconaras, CH natruals etc) cocos take longer heat to get going and are much different but there is a large fan base on the coconut style coals. cocos are more expensive than the CHs by a bit but they are a little better IMHO (but the price on them makes me like the CHs better)

i suggest against getting a lot of one coal until you try them or at least a similar style out first

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