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Default exotica redeam them self with me

Ok after several days talking with Gabriel with exotica he talked me into trying his newest version of the finger coals. And to say the least i actually was impressed. As many of you know Ive had my problems with exotica's finger style coals. Well i was assured that there has been many changes in the process of making these coals many in were instated because of the very first batch i had that was bad. The second box of bad coals were from the same run of the ones I had before witch were sent to me by Gabriel. He has made it up to me and sent me 4 Kilo's of the newest batches of the finger style coals. What i can say is these coals seem to have made leaps and bounds from the previous boxes i have purchased, and were given to my by gabriel because the first box of bad coals I had. Any way the improvements i have found on my own is first the inspection sticker on the inside flap of the box. Second the smell, they smell much less while lighting. Third the density seems much greater heavier and more compact than before. Fourth no cracking flaking or poping while lighting or use. Last but not least im getting 15 or more min out of the coals than in the past. It was explained to me that many issues were resolved with the actual people making these coals for him and many improvements were made in the process of manfacturing. This includes screaning and inspecting of each step of the manufacturing process. I owe Gabriel a apology for not consulting him first on this last box that was bad due to they were shiped to me from old stock witch had none of the improvements and im not afraid to publicaly say Im sorry. Any ways if any one was turned of from Exoticas from my previous post Im sorry and please give them a shot again the new coals with the inspection stickers under the flaps of the top are some of the best ive ever used.

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