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Default Syrup in the base

Several days ago I posted about smoking tombac with rose syrup in the base to flavour the smoke and found it worked great. Having had such good luck I decided to give other syrups a try.

In Germany various syrups are around that are to flavour drinks and i've tried a couple of the more popular ones like Linden syrup, mango pulp and Caraway (the thing that gives Kummel liqueur it's flavour) and found that they can really add something to the session without overpowering the tastes of what you are smoking. I've found you don't need a lot of syrup as 100 grams or so works great if you mix it in the water fully.

Since I love Roof Afza I guess i'll try that next.

Syrups work best with moassels that are not super strong like some mints, cardemons or AW Winterberry. They also help cut overly sweet/candy like moassel to make them more pleasent.

Give it a try guys.
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