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First of all I've got to say that smoking 5 times a day is very excessive and I can't imagine how anyone could find the time to do so.

As to coughing, I suppose that if you smoke for several hours a day and inhale you're asking for trouble. I know that low quality coals produce tons of CO and have a lot of particulate matter so that could be the cause of a cough as well. I know from some club members that using very small rigs results in higher CO levels during a session so i'd suggest a full sized narghile instead.

Personally, smoking has never caused me to suffer a sore throat or a cough but then I have never inhaled and I never smoke for more then 90 minutes a day and usually a lot less. If smoking is causing you problems even with a large, clean narghile & hose i'd say get a better coal and if that doesn't do it smoke less. Lastly, you may want to not inhale.
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