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Default Re: Should I try Tangiers?

I don't smoke Tangiers for the buzz, i smoke for the flavor it contains. It's flavor is so natural, and so realistic, what you think you are going to get when you smoke it for the first time is what you WILL get, only stronger and more pronounced. Brambleberry has to be my favorite, although it is one of the most heat sensitive flavors (the fruity ones seem to be more temperamental). A great one to start out with is Horchata. It has a nice sweet flavor, and when you add too much coal, or too little, or have messed up the bowl in some way, it is much more forgiving in regards to your throat and lungs. I will always say that it is worth as many tries as it takes you to get it right. That's why it is so much cheaper than any other tobacco.

I could send you a number of flavors, including Horchata, for you to try out. But at roughly 10 bucks a pop, you can't really go wrong.

It also mixes great with other shishas, can i prefer SB Pumpkin pie and Tangiers Horchata?
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