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Default Re: Q: Why anise in apple flavors?

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
So the story goes ...

Nakhla developed Double Apple (aka Two Apple) to appeal to the younger generation back in the day. It was one of the first "outside of the box type" tobaccos for a different generation.
I recall hearing that as well although some people claim that the original Al Waha (apparently it's owned by different people now) was the first to make DA that had huge export sales. In any case, something does well in the market and before long everyone tries to imitate the concept.

[/quote]Anise may not be licorice, but they taste pretty much the same ..[/quote]

I don't get it. Real licorice (meaning the herb used in good quality candy and drinks) tastes very different then Anise. Go to a good herbal shop, buy both, make something using the same recipes twice changing only which herb you use and you'll see the difference.
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