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Default Re: Are MZs as good as KMs?

I own both (actually a bunch of KMs and a new MZ Oasis). Here a a few thoughts:

1. All of my KM's smoke great. I have tall ones, short ones, medium-sized one, ones with ice buckets, etc. They all look and function great, and I can for the most part interchange vases, grommets, hoses, etc.

2. The MZ smokes great. The stem feels very light. Some of the edges feel a little sharp. The ash tray doesn't fit too well. The vase dimensions are unique, which requires unique grommets and prevents interchange.

Its kinda like comparing a Montblanc and a Bic. If you just want to jot down a shopping list occasionally, the Bic will do fine. If you're writing love letters -- you want the Montblanc...

Spend the $20 bucks bro
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