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Default Re: Hookah bar defies everything ive ever learned

HA! wow man!
We had a recent hookah experience at a new bar that was amazing, but bad at the same time.
The server came to us, and turned out to be a total B****. I mean, we order Grape mint, and she gave us a look like "Ugh, that's gross!" and I was like, "yeah, it's really good"
But when she brought the hookah out, my gf was like "oh that's a pretty one!" and the server was like "yeaahhhh.....they usually all are." :/
I felt like punching her in the ovaries. I mean, it was like "WOW!"
Anyways, the hookah was made really well, the smoke was awesome, and I was happy with that, but that one single server, made the whole thing stupid, and made me not want to go back.
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