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Unhappy Dry, Smoke-less shisha...

Hi! Forum virgin here, so I'm not sure if this had been asked before. I've tried searching through the older thread but...

Anyway I was wondering, I've been smoking shisha for a year now, have my own pipe, worked in a shisha cafe, tried many many brands and flavour of molasses before but this is the first time I've come across this problem. I just bought a 200g box of Mixed Fruit Nakhla tobacco. I opened it and I noticed straight away that it was very dry, as in properly dry, it was even strangely crystalised all over. I tried it as it was with 2 disks of coal but there was no smoke coming out of it at all. I cleaned my pipe and hose, checked the water level, checked if the pipe was airtight and punched more holes through the foil but nothing. I tried again, this time added a bit of the fresh herbal stuff I keep handy on top, there was a bit of smoke and all I could taste was the orange Soex. Then I tried again this time I put the Nakhla tobacco in an airtight jar, added water to wet it and put a foil on top and closed and shook. I tried smoking it again but I inhaled and inhaled til I was light headed and alas, no smoke. By this time I was ready to kill someone.

Now I know Nakhla is supposed to be dry, but this was ridiculous. I have had Nakhla before (as a matter of fact I just finished the last of my Rose). And I have had dry-ish tobacco before (when I didn't store it properly) but it still smoked properly. Has anyone had this problem before? What should I do? My question is, is it expired? There was no expiration date anywhere in the packaging. Or is it defective in some other way? Should I take it back to the retailer? I'm not sure how they'll react seeing as I made the mistake of wetting the whole batch (but its really pale and the smell is all muted). Should I add honey? or Glycerin? Or is it hopeless? I don't want to just throw it away.

The worst thing is that I paid 15 for the 200g box. Daylight robbery when I usually buy mine for 7 in another city.

Please help?
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