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Originally Posted by HookahGuru View Post
Sometimes after a hookah smoke I get terrible headaches and all i can do is take some meds and lay down. I noticed it happens when i smoke instant lights, I think this could be the problem. Does this happen to anyone else? It does not happen often I'm just wondering if its the chemical in the coals that's causing it.
Trust! Lolz! I do get headaches after smoking too many times a session. Funny story, I once smoked 6-7 rounds with friends in a closed room. By the time I went downstairs for the toilet I fell down once (hit my head somewhere, I still have a scar). Alarmed by the noise my friends followed me but I was already woozily walking up the stairs. Almost to the top my eyes rolled back and dive bombed down (my friends didn't manage to catch me, I fell on my back, not my head, thank god!) Eep!

But yeah, usually its good to eat beforehand, have a big glass of cold water around, and take a couple of aspirins when you notice the headache's just starting (don't wait until your temple's throbbing).
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