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Originally Posted by rhynny View Post
Trust! Lolz! I do get headaches after smoking too many times a session. Funny story, I once smoked 6-7 rounds with friends in a closed room. By the time I went downstairs for the toilet I fell down once (hit my head somewhere, I still have a scar). Alarmed by the noise my friends followed me but I was already woozily walking up the stairs. Almost to the top my eyes rolled back and dive bombed down (my friends didn't manage to catch me, I fell on my back, not my head, thank god!) Eep!

But yeah, usually its good to eat beforehand, have a big glass of cold water around, and take a couple of aspirins when you notice the headache's just starting (don't wait until your temple's throbbing).

wow I have never been hit like that from smoking, I think your just a light weight. kidding.

Maybe its because I'm in a closed room, I like no air flow so i can blow better smoke rings.
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