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Default Re: Hookah bar defies everything ive ever learned

Lolz! I worked in a shisha cafe once. I was amazed. Smoking there is always perfect, then I found out they change the water once a week (by the time they drain it, its all greenish yellow). I know they say to change to water everytime you start a new session, but not changing it seemed like the authentic way (according to the Jordanian and Palestinian I was working with anyway) and they also used a pipe for the same flavour (they had at least 30). Also, the guys filled the bowl halfway too, usually for not so important guests and the shisha was very flavourful and would last a couple of hours even though they didn't use Al Fakher (which they usually tell the customers they use) I filled my own bowl whenever I smoke there, thankfully.

I reckon there's a bit of shisha magic going on...I wouldn't be surprised ^_^
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