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Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
Wow ok so this exploded. Interesting. Am I the only one that notices the difference in the tobacco flavors? Oh sure it is more underlying than if you had a flavored pipe tobacco but you can definitely tell that there is a difference in the flavor of the leaves the different brands use. It may have to do with location and all that and they all use the same thing but it seems different. The main difference we notice is between Nakhla and Al Fakher cause those are the ones we smoke more. We had a different one that I don't remember the name off hand but it tasted like it used cigarette leaves. Loved the flavor hated the tobacco of that one. The other two don't usually taste like cigarette quality tobacco but it just seems that Nakhla uses better tasting tobacco to me. I just wonder how much variation there is between the brands because the tobacco undertones can be quite varied and you really do get the flavor. The goal may be to get less of it but it definitely comes through.
I too am a huge fan of tobacco lore and I care a lot about what I smoke. Of course I smoked Western style pipes and handmade cigars for many years before discovering narghiles so that has something to do with it. Since I hate most of the American and Gulf brands I have gotten pretty used to better quality tobacco. Tobacco quality really comes through when you smoke stuff like Tangiers, Desi Merli, Salloum and stuff that is not as heavily washed.
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