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Default Re: sad face, hitting that bored wall

Originally Posted by blckngld760 View Post
I think we have all hit that bored wall with hookah before
yeah, its really just like everything im smoking tastes bad either chemicaly, or like bad candy ish and just a little heat management not doing what i want it to when im doing the same as always, maybe its my hint to try some of the traditional mix stuff that was up... awww crap i just rememberd i had that in an opened tab when safari got fubared (some freaking scanner software screwed up safari for me, yet i uninstalled the software, restored my old safari pref files and all and reinstalled the scanner software and it was all good... but lost my 100+ open tabs)

who was is that had posted the mix up with 2 dry hookah tobaccos, oriental pipe tobacco, molasses, water baking and then rose syrup and water in the base

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