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Default KM stems vs others.

Are there any downstems that have the size and shape of a KM? I was at a local place tonight and found a few nice hookahs (didnt ask a price yet) but noticed they have the exact same downstem as a KM. The very bottom has that ball shape with a big opening like on the Hafa. They seems very similar to the hafa but maybe not the exact same size.
I was just wondering if anyone knows of another brand that copies them or if there is a way I could tell if its a KM or what brand for sure? It doesnt have a km hose but this guy has tons of different hoses and bowls he throws on stuff for show and my english vs his wasnt to great lol. I got out of him that its egyptian and its heavy as my nour but with a larger downstem and ball type opening on the end.. any help would be appreciated

also the stem looks alot like the hafa, they also had some with the same downstem but with a marbly stone type of deal about half way up the stem. quite nice but I cant seem to get what the word "brand" means across to him other than he looks at me funny and says "egyptian"..

o yeah also, the base is a blue with silver stripes I believe. once again I dont know if its the original base or not because he has tons of them and will mismatch any you want for a few bucks generally.
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