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Default Re: sad face, hitting that bored wall

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
so ya my flavors are getting really boring, havent had great smoking experience for a while and just getting tired of my flavors, i even didnt smoke mostly for a month while i was home for winter break, idk whats up.

i end up mostly just smoking af mint the last few nights after smoking a bowl or 2 of other stuff and being disappointed. i guess i just need to stock up on some 50 grams to find some better flavors

any one know of a grape that tastes more like the blow pop grape and not the half natural half wanta be candy

Not sure of a grape that will suit but if you're bored with what you've been smoking drop the fruity/candy/drink flavored stuff and start trying out Salloum, Desi Merli and the good stuff from Afzal like Vanilla and Paan. Hell, just go all out and get into tombac and pay real attention to all the subtle flavours you can find.
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